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Specializing in Indian cuisine.


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2 reviews
First time trying Taj India, but it won't be the last! Everything we had was delicious! The Lamb Curry was delish; the lamb was not dry, and there were huge tasty chunks. The Lamb Masala was another winner. I definitely recommend getting at least one samosa for everyone. Maybe two. The condiment tray was a mix of sweet, spicy, salty, and creamy. They don't skimp on portions or flavor!


1 review
Quick readiness, and the courtesy to offer to help someone carry their order out who has a walking boot on! Good food and good people are the best combination in my opinion, and I haven't found anywhere that does better curry and naan yet!


1 review
Taj is consistently my go-to on grub hub. The people are friendly, the time is reliable, and the food is always out of this world (and theres always more than enough of it, which makes it a deal).


Top Reviewer
Willing to accommodate my dietary restrictions. I called to request a meal without dairy and they did it with no problem. It tasted amazing. I was very happy


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Food was amazing. You get a lot for the price. Two entrees and an appetiser lasted several days. I wish I found them a few years ago.

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1 review
Good food, good price, quick delivery

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